Rene Middelberg Out in 8th (€4,090)

Rene Middelberg Out in 8th (€4,090)

Middelberg in pink hat in seat 1 there

Parker Talbot raised to 80k and Jessica Pilkington called before Rene Middelberg pushed for 940k. Talbot folded but Pilkington squirmed for a bit before eventually making the call.

Middelberg: 9s 9d
Pilkington: Th Td

Board: 4c 3s 8c Qc Kd

“Don’t pull the 25k,” Talbot called over to Pilkington as she went to select her envelope.

“I’ll buy you a Guinness if I do!” Pilkington called back – but Talbot’s going to be buying his own drinks as in the event Pilkington pulled just a minimum €1k bounty.