Pressure Poker from Todd

Pressure Poker from Todd

With the payout spots within sight (23 paid and 31 players left) the opportunity to find fold equity increases for those willing to take aggressive lines.

Alex Todd just took advantage of this situation, overbet jamming on the river of a board for his 400kish stack, though the effective stack was that of Nikolai Mamut, with around 140k.

Mamut went into the tank for a while, put in this tough spot, eventually having the clock called on him. The seconds ticked away and right before the end, he threw his hand away.

Todd immediately tabled for the bluff – he must have been internally processing a decent amount of excitement during the clock, but gave off no external signs. That’s a good poker face!

Mamut acknowledge a good bluff with a tap of the table and Todd rises to 450k while Mamut is in a less healthy position, his 140k just a 14BB stack, putting him just outside the payout spots in the chip counts.