Poullos Pulls Out to Wizard Middelberg

Poullos Pulls Out to Wizard Middelberg

Level 36: 250,000-500,000/500,000
Field: 20/5,320

From the cut-off, Ioannis Poullos went all in for 8,500,000. It was folded to Rene Middelberg who leaned back in his chair with confusion written all over his face. He went deep into the thinking process, then asked Poullos if he was holding pocket sixes. No answer from Poullos, Middelberg kept calculating in his head, then he made the call.


“I sensed it!”, Middelberg yelled as the board wrote . Poullos went out in 21st place.

Rene Middelberg – 11,200,000
Ioannis Poullos – 0

Rene Middelberg sensed his opponent had pocket sixes.