Pot Comes to the Boyle

Pot Comes to the Boyle

Justin Boyle just played out two large pots – his fortunes shifting dramatically in two contrasting pots.

First off, he raised under the gun, only for Cathal O’Malley to jam the button for 835k with Ad Qs. Boyle quickly called with Kc Kh, but the roll of his eyes said it all as the board was dealt As Jd 3d Td 8d, his preflop advantage nullified. O’Malley up to 1.7 million and Boyle down to 775k or so.

Deflated by this, soon after we joined Boyle heads up with Plichta facing a board of 5s Td 9h.

Boyle checked and Plichta checked back in position.

The turn was the 2s – Boyle led for 125k & Plichta raised to 315k. Boyle thought it over then jammed all-in only to be snap-called by Plichta who had the nuts – pocket tens.

Boyle wasn’t dead though – his 7-8 straight draw gave him 8 outs – and the Jd that arrived on the river was one of those. “Sick,” Devin Dsouza commented. Indeed – very harsh.

All that drama meant Boyle was back in the circa 1.5 million stacks, Plichta though busts in 32nd place for €6,050.