PokerStars Corn Hole night

Last night’s organised event in the Players Lounge was the PokerStars Corn Hole contest. Up for grabs: two Main Event tickets. Job in hand: throwing little bean bags into a hole.

The game of Corn Hole is known by many names*, but very little else about it has changed since its creator Heyliger de Windt first tossed a beanbag into a hole in 1883 and found it to be fun. Slightly inebriated people have been tossing bags into holes with gay abandon ever since, with the rules virtually unchanged since the 19th century.

This side event was so massively over-subscribed that host Phil Baker had to (controversially) change the rules in the middle of Round 1 to speed things up a bit. Team Cornholez 4 Rollz eventually beat Team Can Ireland and snagged the €1,150 tickets. Known to their friends outside the Corn Hole world as Scott Pollington-Woods and Anna Duxbury, the married couple stormed to a stunning victory in the second-most exciting event taking place at yesterday’s Irish Open festival.

Among those who played were MainEventTravel CEO Fraser MacIntyre (Team “Frazerville“) and Phil “The Tower” Heald (Team “Tower and the Team“) plus Irish Open host Laura Cornelius and Irish Open blogger Dana Immanuel (Team “Beavis & Butthead“).

For rich detail about the event, please see the Irish Open blog.

*Parlour quoits. Baggo. Sacks. Dadhole. Ramps. Ball bags.