Pilkington Busted by Manuel

Pilkington Busted by Manuel


Everyone’s having a lovely old time in the High Roller now – thank you to the random gentleman who gave me a shot of mystery liquid that may or not have been gin, I am sorry I am not from Pokernews as you thought – and the chips are flying into the middle and in many cases not coming out again.

Case in point: Jessica Pilkington, all in on a 7s Td Jd flop. Keith Littlewood in seat 2 attempted to show me his cards before folding – I screamed in horror and turned away before I could see them. The gentleman in seat 4 called, and they were on their backs.

Pilkington: Qd Qc for an overpair
Seat 4: 2d 7d for a flush draw

Turn: honestly I was still too shaken by almost having seen a player’s still-live hole cards to register the turn, but it was definitely not a diamond because –

River: 6d making a flush for Seat 4 but not for Pilkington.

“Er, my name, is, er, Manuel,” said Seat 4. “Please don’t report that.”

I cannot provide much more information, but Pilkington is tragically out of the High Roller, and just purely by chance her former tablemate Chris Williams now has 120k.