Parkinson Rivered

Parkinson Rivered

The board read Kh 2c 4h, 6c and Padraig Parkinson had the betting lead in building a biggish pot against the in-position Peter Fleming.

But on the 9c river, completing the flush, Parkinson checked.

Fleming bet a single green 5,000 chip into what looked to be a 8,000 chip pot. The first few hours of play sort of turn from gregarious to serious whenever a green chip crosses the line.

Parkinson did not waste any time, check-calling with Ah Ks.

He was second best to Fleming’s Kd 9d.

“You’re good,” the veteran said.

“Sorry about that,” Fleming was apologetic.

Early days and plenty of time for a turnaround. We’re up approaching 600 runners on the day and some players have already re-entered after an early bust.