O’Neill Wins a Big One

O’Neill Wins a Big One

Level 20: 10,000-25,000/25,000

EPT Prague 2023 Champion Padraig O’Neill raised to from the button 175,000 after Roope Tarmi initially opened på 50,000 UTG. O’Neill made the call and the flop was dealt.

On O’Neill checked. Tarmi decided to place a 100,000 bet, which Niell decided to call.

The turn came and O’Neill now led out for 150,000. Tarmi wasn’t going anywhere and with seven black chips, he made the call.

River was the and O’Neill bet 75,000 into the 875,000 pot. Tarmi called almost instantly and O’Niell showed for the straight. Tarmi mucked his hand and O’Neill won a big pot.

Quite the pot for Irishman Padraig O’Neill!