ONeill Doubles Through McMahon

ONeill Doubles Through McMahon

Michael O’Neill raised to 225k with just 30k back; Barry McMahon made the call. In the big blind Thomas O’Shea squirmed for a bit before making the fold.

O’Neill now tried to turn his cards over before the flop – the dealer said he couldn’t do that. He dealt a flop – 6h Qh 2s. O’Neill chucked his remaining chips in. “It’s his turn,” said the dealer, gesturing towards McMahon.

“Er, check,” said McMahon cheerily.

O’Neill went as though to check but it was purely for comic value – the chips went in and the cards went on their backs.

O’Neill: Ac Qs
McMahon: Kc Jd

Turn: Qc, sealing the deal

River: 6s

O’Neill doubled to 600k or so; McMahon dropped to 1.75 million.