Niall Farrell eliminated in 6th (€25,270)

Niall Farrell eliminated in 6th (€25,270)

The blinds were 15,000-30,000 with a 30,000 big blind ante and Niall Farrell had quietly been doing his work this final table, chipping chipping chipping, waiting for his opportunity.

In the cutoff with 15 big blinds and As Tc it was going in. It was just a matter of how. Farrell opted to raise to 300,000, leaving himself 160,000 behind. Alex Peffly moved all-in behind him from the button and Farrell could sense he was in trouble. But he was pot committed already — and in trouble — because Peffly had yet another person pipped with Ad Js.

A million in the pot, this one was worth quite a chunk of change.

6d 7h 5h flopped, presenting some opportunities to chop.

The Jd turn ended all drama prematurely and Farrell had left the table, fist bumps for all, by the time the inconsequential 8h showed up on the river. Scotland’s all-time tournament money leader adds €25,270 to his enviable resume. Peffly passes a million in chips.