Nathan White and Mariona Canals Play a Weird One

Nathan White and Mariona Canals Play a Weird One

The flop had been 8d 5h 9h, the turn 7s, and the river Th. A lot of chips were in the middle.

Canals, a French dealer, is well apprised of all the rules. But when it came to the ruling in this spot, she did not use her voice to try and influence the action.

This is what we think happened. She had bet the river, two yellow and one green, 7,000, in other words. Nathan White threw chips, plural, over the line, but said that he had just wanted to call. The chips weren’t the right colours for that, because they were green, and at least 15,000, more than the minimum raise.

But White tried to coax his chips back into his stack, saying he had just meant to call, that it was up to Canals, whether she wanted him to be bound to the raise or to call. There were a few entreaties along those lines.

The dealer called the floor and the floor confirmed that chips speak. And the word the green chips had spoken, all together now, was “Raise.”

Once all that was established, Canals shrug-called. She had a straight after all with Ah-Jd (a flush blocker in hand as well).

“Two pair,” said White, the claim that he had, indeed, intended to call seemed pretty strong when we saw he had rivered tens up.

Canals had not spoken a word through the whole thing and was apologetic.

“No bother at all,” White assured her as she dragged the big pot.