Mohamed Chips Up

Mohamed Chips Up

With the blinds getting ever chunkier and the final table just a stone’s throw away, you can sense the tension has been ratcheted up a few notches, one mistake potentially snatching a chance of title glory away.

Mohamed Mohamud has accumulated a big stack during these stages and he looked to bolster this further with a raise to 16,000. Graham Wheldon made the call from the big blind.

A board of Js 8s 3c saw Wheldon check and Mohamed tap the table.

The Kc on the turn was the catalyst for action, 15k from Wheldon raised up swiftly to 55k by Mohamed. Wheldon pondered his options, and called.

The Jh on the river though served as a bucket of ice, both players checking to go to showdown.

Wheldon: Ac 8c for a flopped pair and turned flush draw that bricked.
Mohamud: Kh 3h for a turned two pair and finally kings and jacks on the river.

Mohamud was perhaps concerned his advantage had been crushed by that river, so looked very happy sweeping up the pot and moving to 320,000.

Wheldon meanwhile drops to around 250,000 – still with plenty of wriggle room.