Havavka Wins The Americas Cup for €27,042!

Havavka Wins The Americas Cup for €27,042!

Following Stone’s elimination, there was some cagey back and forth – the players still being around 40 big blinds deep. Eventually Kryza suggested the possibility of a deal and with the sun rising, Havavka saw the wisdom in this and nodded assent.

A deal was cut, Havavka getting slightly more in the ICM chop, the blinds were sped up & the players would play on for 10% and the trophy.

Once this stipulation was in place, it didn’t take long before the two went to war, Kryza holding pocket nines and Havavka .

With Havavka holding a slim chip advantage, Kryza looked like he might be about to turn the tables as the board ran out but the on the river gave Havavka a winning straight and ensured he would crowned champion, collecting €27,042 and the trophy as pictured.


Well played Vitaliy Kryza also, who played some outstanding poker to reach this point. The €20,932 he was awarded for 2nd was well merited.

That’s it for the America’s Cup. Thanks for following our coverage, we’ll have a slew more tournaments tomorrow to follow so make sure you do just that as the Irish Open gathers ever more momentum.

See you in the next one!