Merge-Bluff Button Clicking Pays Off for Stevens

Merge-Bluff Button Clicking Pays Off for Stevens

Level 13: 2,500-5,000/5,000
Field: 37/172 Remaining

Bert Stevens

The flop showed and a bet by Bert Stevens in middle position was raised to 35,000 by Niall Murray. Stevens then clicked it back to 95,000 and Murray called.

This brought them to the turn on which Stevens sized down and made it 42,000 to go for Murray to call with around 140,000 behind. The river was the and Stevens pushed all-in, sending his table neighbour deep into the tank.

Once Murray called, Stevens all but grinned and added “you got me” before showing his for just the second pair. However, much to the surprise of everyone at the table, that was good enough as Murray’s ended up second best.

“Oh no, I was merge bluffing,” the Belgian joked and Murray responded shortly after “it just didn’t make sense to me”.

While other players gathered around the table, the online poker legend was busy stacking and admitted “I can’t stop clicking buttons” with a big smirk on the face.

Later in the first break, Stevens would say he “just played the craziest hand of his life” so far. He appears to be the current chip leader with 37 left as the 20-minute break is underway.

Bert Stevens – 720,000
Niall Murray – Eliminated

Niall Murray