Max Silver off to a clean start

Max Silver off to a clean start

Recent winner of Dublin’s Father of the Year award, Max Silver, played a big pot from the big blind about fifteen minutes into the day. Jacques Mauron had opened on the button to 300 (our first blind level is 100-100), Brendan Ruane called in the small blind.

It was a squeeze from Silver, to 1,500 out of the big blind. Only Mauron called.

The flop came Ts 8c 5h and Mauron called a continuation bet of 2,000 with the advantage of position.

On the 8s Max fired again, 3,500. Mauron made it look like he was on hte edge of making a decision that wasn’t call, but then he called.

Finally the river was the 4h, completing just 6-7. One more shell, this time 6,500, Silver fired. After Mauron called, Silver turned over Jd Js and it was good.