Martin Christensen Busts on the Bubble

Martin Christensen Busts on the Bubble

Martin Christensen

Martin Christensen has been eliminated in 36th place in dramatic fashion. He moved all in for 152,000 in late position, asking a question that not one, but two players answered with “yes”…

First off, small blind Peter Sandberg called all in for 100,000 and then Vasyl Laba in the big blind went into the tank. Christensen attempted to call time on him after a minute or so with the unusual phrasing “let’s go time!” but before the dealer could start a countdown, he made the call, covering both of his opponents.

Christensen: Ah Qd
Sandberg: Ac Ks
Laba: Th Ts

It took a journey to the river for an overcard to the tens to pop out (Jd 7s 2s…9d…Kh), but pop it did and that meant Sandberg tripled up (310,000), Laba dropped to 180,000 and Christensen hit the rail without any prize money. He’s the last person to do so; everyone else is guaranteed at least €560.