Marc Macdonnell puts Gareth McMahon in the blender

Marc Macdonnell puts Gareth McMahon in the blender

The board had run out As Qc Th 6h 3d and there was already about 75,000 in the pot. Gareth McMahon had checked to Marc MacDonnell who bet a crisp 50,000.

This inspired quite the range of facial contortions from McMahon. He looked very pained. He furrowed his brow, closed his eyes, squeezed his temples, sighed, rolled his eyes, reconsidered, checked his chips, and made it look like he was about to call, but then reconsidered again.

MacDonnell, cool as a cucumber, seemed easy breezy with the situation, regardless of his opponent’s decision.

“I folded two pair,” McMahon could be heard whispering after the theatrics were over, his hand in the muck

“If you had went all-in I might have called,” he continued, referring to the some 30,000 left behind in the effective stacks by MacDonnell’s wager.

Much speculation ensued about MacDonnell’s holding, about everyone at the table convinced two pair had indeed been folded.

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