Mamut Bubbles In Brutal Fashion

Mamut Bubbles In Brutal Fashion

Level 16: 5,000-10,000/10,000
Field: 23/172

On the bubble, Nikolai Mamut went all in for 101,000 from the hi-jack. It was folded to Alejandro Vasquez Gomez in the big blind.

“Let’s have a look”, Vasquez Gomez said as he looked down at his hand. He then made the call and wished his opponent good luck.

Nikolai Mamut:
Alejandro Vasquez Gomez:

Mamut’s dreams shattered as he witnessed the board run out . The straight earned Vasquez Gomez the pot and unlucky Mamut bubbled the tournament.

Alejandro Vasquez Gomez: 635,000
Nikolai Mamut: 0

The remaining 23 players are now on a 15-minute break and action will soon resume.

Dominik Nitsche and his 1,340,000 stack will return as the chip leader after the break.