Main Event Day 1B Underway!

Main Event Day 1B Underway!

The Irish Open has long been one of the most prestigious poker tournaments to win. For many a win will be the jewel in the crown of their poker C.V. and there’s no doubt if you can survive the trials and tribulations a tilt at the title puts in your way, you’ll write yourself into poker history.

Joining that celebrated list, including last year’s winner David Docherty, legends of the game such as Noel Furlong and Liam Flood and 2022’s winner Steve O’Dwyer puts you in a select group of elite champions. Ultimate bragging rights…

Yesterday, we saw hordes of hopeful history makers swarm into the casino and bet, bluff and flip their way through the day in what was a fantastic opening to the Main Event.

Today’s crowd is even larger and no less enthusiastic, so far there have been 729 registrants, though this number will already be out of date by the time this post hits the internet highways.

We’ll have sporadic updates throughout the day but Pokernews will be covering the event in full and you can click here to get the latest.

Good luck one and all!