Lombardozzi Wins €350 6-Max Title for €13,795

Lombardozzi Wins €350 6-Max Title for €13,795

Leo Lombardozzi – Winner of Irish Open Event 1 – the €350 6-Max NLHE

It’s been a really exciting tournament, as we’ve come to expect from the fast paced 6-max format and finally, Leo Lombardozzi is the player who’s left all his rivals trailing in his wake to win the €13,795 first place money, the shiny trophy (pictured above) and the very first event of the Irish Open.

The heads-up battle took perhaps longer than expected given how fast the rest of the final table had played out but finally Lombardozzi and Johan Martin went to war.

The final hand saw Lombardozzi limp with J5os and he & Martin saw a Ah Jh 2c board arrive. Martin checked and Lombardozzi bet 1BB (“I was sure a jack was good” he told us afterward.) Martin called and come the 2d turn, Martin now led out. Lombardozzi called and finally the 7h arrived on the river. Martin shoved, Lombardozzi called and was good, leaving him to collect the title.

A great performance from Martin, who picks up the not-inconsiderable sum of €8,995 for second place but Lombardozzi will be the man who can adorn his mantelpiece with the shiny piece of Irish Open history.

Thanks for following, we’ve a host more tournaments coming up over the next week, so make sure you keep those eyes trained on the blog over the coming days, especially for the Main Event (starting Wednesday.)