Lofts Here Thanks to PokerStars Silver Power Pass

Lofts Here Thanks to PokerStars Silver Power Pass

The Irish Open is a place where dreams come true, and no one knows this better than Tony Lofts. The Englishman won a Silver Pass through PokerStars’ Power Path. Lofts started with a mere 50 cents and step by step he came closer to $109 MTT. Through this, he acquired his Silver Pass meaning he received $2,500 to use for various live poker tournaments.

Lofts opted to use the Silver Pass on the Irish Open and he played the Main Event, the JP Masters, and one other tournament. The JP Masters is the only event he cashed in out of the three.

While he shared his story with us, he pushed his last blind into the middle and got called by Lisa Roberts. On the board his didn’t stand much of a chance against Robert’s .

Even though Lofts’ Irish Open poker adventure may be over for this time, it was a thrill having him here and we can’t wait to have him back!

We’ll see you around, Lofts!