Let the Bustouts Begin

Let the Bustouts Begin


Among the first to min-cash is Max Silver. He’d been nursing a short stack for some time before he got it in with Th Td, only to smack into Joe O’Donaill’s latest big pair – this time Js Jd rather than aces or kings, for a change. Still, it was enough, the board running out 6d 3s 4d Qc 2d, and Silver was awarded €1,970 for 257th place.

“Sorry about that,” said O’Donaill.

“I’m not – I cashed!” replied a cheerful Silver.

“Was there an all-in and call here?” asked the floorman approaching the table to pay him out.

“I would never do something so reckless,” said Silver happily as he started off towards the payout desk.

Also now on their way to the cage to collect their winnings: Sam Baneham (259th), Katie Swift (261st), and 2019 Seniors champion JJ Hazan (253rd).