Leaders and Notables in the APAT Field

Leaders and Notables in the APAT Field

The €250 Irish Amateur Poker Championship is STILL open for registration, and it looks like a very high percentage of busted Main Eventers have been keen to try their luck in this currently 192-runner tournament. The structure has been widely praised, and is wisely a two-day event!

Current chip leader Albert Sapiano

Here are a selection of notable players’ chip counts, and the top stacks from the tables currently:

Albert Sapiano165,000
Remur Matache120,000
Kevin Duffy114,000
Leo Worthington-Leese112,000
Joost Melkert104,000
Ektor Strumi100,000
Boris Otel100,000
Evan Lester93,000
Timothy Silman88,000
Haim Dahen82,000
Gerrard Sagarra78,000
Craig Ledwith73,000
Kim Kilroy62,000
Elizabeth Bennett-Martin53,000
Baptiste Duny37,000
Jamie Wynne*36,000
Niall Farrell27,600

*Jamie Wynne gets a chip count because he started dictating, “Jamie Wynne is a really good player and has played really well…” and you don’t ask you don’t get but also counts as a notable for the Irish Open 2023 because he finished (joint) third in the €350 Heads Up Championship today.