Late Registrant Hopkins Secures Swift Double

Late Registrant Hopkins Secures Swift Double

Joshua Hopkins has just joined Table 35 (we did not ask whether this was his first High Roller bullet or not), and has doubled up thanks to trip sevens, his position blind vs. blind against Keith Littlewood, and Littlewood’s mistaking his stack size.

The board was standing 7h 7c Ts 9h 5c and the dealer was counting out Hopkins’ chips to be doubled when a rueful Littlewood commented, “I didn’t see what you had.” He wasn’t referring to Hopkins’ winning Qd 7s (Littlewood had Kx Tx), but his chips.

“I just sat down with two black [25k] chips,” said Hopkins. “You could have asked for a count. Would you have called if you’d seen the black chip?”

It appears not.

Hopkins – 109,000
Littlewood – 340,000