Ladies Get There

Ladies Get There

With the blinds at 800/1,600 Georgina James moved all in from the cutoff preflop for 42,000 after an early position limp from Giulliana Oliveira. Over to chip leader Una Ortell, who made the call. This clearly came as a bit of a shock for Oliviera, who said, “That was supposed to be a trap!”

After thinking in a pained manner for a minute, Oliveira folded and it was showdown time.

Ortell: Kd Kc
James: Qs Qc

If you read the title, you’ll know what came on the flop – the Qh – and there was no help for the cracked kings.
“Omg – nice hand!” said Ortell, giving the PokerStars Ambassador a fistbump (and a stack of 86,000).

Meanwhile, Oliveira was clearly feeling better about folding ace-king.