Krzya in Cruise Control

Krzya in Cruise Control

Level 18: 8,000-16,000/16,000

Mathias Arosuo went from likely chip leader to the payout desk within two hands as the one opponent who beat him earlier – Vitaliy Kryza – then knocked him out in another big pot.

Arosuo bet the turn for 100,000 and Kryza check-jammed with the superior stack. If the Finn had folded, he would have had around 415,000 left – slightly less than the average. Arosuo mulled it over for a long time and then called it off. Once the cards were shown, he just nodded.

Mathias Arosuo:
Vitaliy Kryza:

The river was the and that spelled the end for Arosuo.

Mathias Arosuo

The same table brought another three-way all-in soon after. Simon Bouaksa got it in with the and Kryza had the . Thomas Gartiser was all-in from the big blind for a short stack holding the .

The board ran out and Gartiser tripled to 170,000, Bouaksa lost the side pot while Kryza maintained a massive stack of 1,500,000.