Kelly Experiences a Year of Variance in One Level

Kelly Experiences a Year of Variance in One Level

It’s been an exciting time for John Kelly, who will have felt the full gamut of emotions in the last few hands.

First he saw his stack crippled to 3k after his nines ran into 8-6 in the blinds that had flopped two pair. Looking grim, he then found aces to double up against Noel Hayes Q-4. “I expected to be live! Didn’t think I’d be dead from the get-go!” Hayes said with a grin on his face.

So Kelly up to 10k. Soon after, he was all-in with JQ and though we don’t have the details of the hand, he won this also…now pushing over 25k. Jam with a weak ace got through, over 30k! 10x his stack – surely not…

Then he got his stack in preflop with tens…vs K-Q – a tense flip and a chance to really start making inroads up the chip counts. Flop K-K-T…a full house!

This is the stuff dreams are made of. Kelly was on the cusp of an incredible recovery. All he had to do was avoid a long shot outdraw like a king, queen or a running pair.

Turn: J

A cruel twist in the tale saw his comeback derailed. He came over to reveal the details of his exit to us, but he was in good spirits and enjoyed the thrilling ride that almost saw him catapulted back into contention.