Kehoe Takes From Criado

Kehoe Takes From Criado

Level 2: 100-300/300
Field: 33/35 Remaining

Following an open raise to 600 by Nikolaos Angelou-Konstas from under the gun, Jose Luis Criado three-bet to 1,900 only for Stephen Kehoe to four-bet to 4,400 in the small blind. The initial raiser folded while Criado then instantly called.

On the flop, Kehoe bet 1,700 for Criado to call and then check-called the turn for 3,500. Kehoe led the river for 3,500 and Criado raised to 11,500, sending his Irish opponent into the tank.

Once Kehoe called, Criado tapped the table already before exposing for the top pair. Kehoe had that beat with for a wheel on the flush board. At the same time, Juliano Nicola was eliminated for the second time over on table three.

Stephen Kehoe – 73,000
Jose Luis Criado – 38,000