Kassouf Makes Indecent Proposal

Kassouf Makes Indecent Proposal

Kassouf just fired out a bluff, which was picked off by Touko Berndtson.

We caught the hand just as the showndown hands were being thrown back into the muck, Kassouf with 7-4, Berndtson making the call with K-4 on a king-high board.

“First bluff of the night and it gets called,” Kassouf lamented. He continued.

“First bluff of the night. I can’t believe it. I put you on ace high. I could have had king-queen. I could have had another king.”

“Do I have you covered?” Berndtson, said, bringing Will’s extended musings on “hands he might have had” to an abrupt end.

“Count yours first and I’ll tell you.” The count came back….75k for Berndtson.

Kassouf’s chips were piled up in one tower. He opened his hands to reveal them. “75k! Count them! You want to swap 50% now. We both go all-in blind, one of us has 150,000, what do you think?”

Berndtson didn’t look likely to take up this offer but was shocked they both had the same stack size.

“I don’t believe in destiny but now I do.”