Kassouf Fold Eats into Foley Break

Kassouf Fold Eats into Foley Break

There was the usual chat going on as both blinds called a Will Kassouf button raise to 12,000 to see a Jh 9d 5h flop. We missed the bet on the flop (it was most likely a similarly sized bet from Kassouf which saw off the small blind leaving only big blind James Foley still in the pot) but the turn card was the Qc.

Foley checked to Kassouf, who said, “I got top set. I told you I was winning. You got a straight you got me,” and bet 33,000. Foley check-raised all in, garnering the pithy response, “No f***ing way!”

Kassouf talked at Foley and deliberated for a while as the rest of the JP Masters went on a 20 minute break.

“Why don’t you let me have this one? I know you don’t have top set,” said Foley.

“I have a hand similar to top set,” conceded Kassouf. “I bet you have king-ten…”

“I’m going to have to call the clock, I’ve only got 15 minutes on the break and I want to get some food.”

The floor arrived and immediatley said the short version of the clock rules: “Your thirty seconds start now, Will.” This was clearly not their first rodeo.

Kassouf folded showing a queen, and was rewarded with a peek at Foley’s Ts Js for the smaller pair and straight draw. Foley’s stack rises to 233,000 while Kassouf’s drops to 197,000.