Juris Out on This One

Juris Out on This One

Ali Ayub: somewhat surprised

A chorus of “Awwww” and multiple sportsmanlike fist bumps signalled the demise of Juris Persins in a wildly exciting showdown against Ali Ayub.

Persins: Ac 4s
Ayub: 8s 8s

Flop: 4c Qc 4d, making trips for Persins

Turn: 3d – Persins still ahead

River: 8h! – giving Ayub a full house

Ayub looked genuinely surprised that the superior hand had ultimately held up, and remorse was expressed all round that Persins’ short stack adventure had come to an end. Ayub is up to 275k after that, while Persins collects 199th place for €2,270.