Jay Harwood runs out of steam, (10th, €9,055)

Jay Harwood runs out of steam, (10th, €9,055)

Joseph Field had doubled Paul Newey and Robert Kaggerud in the previous orbits as play reached five-handed on both the feature and outer table. He still had chips on Jay Harwood, and as the blinds were what they were, he was obliged to move in for what was effectively 10 big blinds in the small blind.

Harwood called off with Kh Tc, but was not far ahead of Field’s Qc 9c.

The flop came Ac 7c Jh, robbing the queen from Field, but giving him flush outs in return.

The 7h was the blank Harwood was looking for, but the Jc flushed him out of the tournament. Field had had jacks cracked by nines earlier and felt like his luck was equalizing. Small consolation for Harwood, but he’d have five-figure Euros in his pocket for that.

With that the nine players would be collected around the last table, and the official final table would need one more elimination.