Jannik Bengtsen Eliminated in 3rd Place (€2,460)

Jannik Bengtsen Eliminated in 3rd Place (€2,460)

Level 5: 400-800

The new level had started for three minutes and Jannik Bengtsen had been chipped below 9,000 in chips, then folded to two shoves. It was costly, as he dropped to around 7,000. The next button saw him shove and Docherty glanced at both cards to then nod and call.

Jannik Bengtsen:
David Docherty:

“I win this one, you won the last,” Bengtsen joked, referring to their first flip earlier on.

“That’s fair, I can’t control it anyways,” Docherty smiled back.

The pair held on a board of and Bengtsen was eliminated in the semi finals, Docherty advanced to the finals. That one will take place in around an hour from now as agreed upon between Docherty and Alejandro Romero.

Back for more heads-up action soon!

Jannik Bengtsen