Jani Tuovinen eliminated 7th (€20,005)

Jani Tuovinen eliminated 7th (€20,005)

Jani Tuovinen has been surviving under the radar for some time, dodging left and right when and where he needed. But everyone’s luck runs dry eventually.

Tuovinen raised to 50,000 in the cutoff at 10k-25k blinds, and Nadeem Majid flat called on the button. The blinds couldn’t take the price and got out of the way.

In one of the most memorable hands of the tournament so far, the flop fell Ad Kc 2c.

Tuovinen checked and after considering, Majid checked back. The turn card was the 5c.

Now Tuovinen made his delayed continuation bet for 40,000. Majid found a raise to 140,000. It was music to Tuovinen’s ears, he went all-in for 370,000 total. Majid called, showing a set of twos. But Tuovinen had it, Qc Jc, for the second nut flush.

He had just to dodge a board pairing river to double into contention for the chip lead. But it was not to be, the Ah made deuces full of aces for Nadeem Majid.

Now, it just so happens that the lads are streaming the whole thing just a few paces over, and Tuovinen had the displeasure of waiting around fifteen minutes to watch himself crash and burn. He took it quite well and will be playing in the main event tomorrow. We wish him the best of luck!

Here comes the pain