Jacks and Kings Make for All-in Things

Jacks and Kings Make for All-in Things

Stefano Bellisario,

one of Eire’s Italianos,

at 800-1,600,

raised to 3,300.

Next to act,

in the hijack,

re-raised a boomer,

Charles Lehr Jr.

The three-bet insufficient,

Bellisario went all-in with it.

Well Lehr called,

he had jacks after all.

Now if his kings could hold,

Stefano’d have 150, all told.

6 3 4,

two spades in the door

the deuce of hearts did turn

one more card would be burned

the river meant blood if not for a five,

twas then the queen o’diamonds arrived.

Stefano Bellisario doubled up to 150,000.

Charles Lehr Jr busted out shortly thereafter.