Chris Ruprecht

Ivan Kuziv is one of the early post-dinner break busters, having returned with a short stack (or lost a very quick pot in Level 9). Elizabeth Bennet-Martin opened under the gun to 1,600 and utg+1 Chris Ruprecht raised to 5,200. Next to act was Ivan Kusiv who moved all-in for 12,400; Bennet-Martin folded and Ruprecht called quickly.

Ruprecht: 8d 8s
Kusiv: Ah Td

The board rolled out king-high (Qd 6h Kh 5d 9s) and Kusiv was out of his chair even before the river was dealt. The reason may have been clarified by Bennett-Martin who informed Ruprecht, “You haven’t lost an all-in!”

He in no way denied this as he tidied his stack, now 67,000.