“I Guess I Got What I Asked For”

“I Guess I Got What I Asked For”

Level 24: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 12/566

Frank Stepuchin has been entertaining the table but the entertainment is now over with the American now on the rail in 13th place for €3,600.

Shortly after Konstantinos Tzinis (pictured below) hit the rail in 14th place for €3,130, Stepuchin jammed his short stack of 290,000 from under the gun. Daniel Wilson tanked for a few moments before he opted to call from the big blind.

Frank Stepuchin:
Daniel Wilson:

“Put two hearts out on the flop so we have a sweat,” said Stepuchin before two hearts did indeed come on the flop.

“I guess I got what I asked for,” said Stepuchin who despite getting in good needed a lot of help.

No help was on the way on the turn and the river and the JP Masters is down to just a dozen hopefuls.

Daniel Wilson – 2 million
Frank Stepuchin – 0
Konstantinos Tzinis – 0