“I Can’t Believe I am Good”

“I Can’t Believe I am Good”

Level 3: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 264/285

Tadgh Kelly fired out for 11,000 into a pot of around 30,000 with the on the board after the turn. Thomas Channell jammed for 14,200 before Sean Tyre put in a bit more.

“Was that a raise?” asked Kelly.

The dealer counted both the stacks of Channell and Tyre and determined Tyre put in more than 50 percent more and was told the raise was to 25,200. Kelly looked like he was in a world of pain. After all, he had a decision to make for his stack of 21,300 with more than half of it already in front of him with his initial turn bet. Kelly eventually made the call and Tyre had two players at risk.

Thomas Channell:
Tadgh Kelly:
Sean Tyre:

“I can’t believe I am good,” said Kelly in shock that his second pair was ahead and had the most equity in the hand.

His hand held after the river bricked the board to eliminate Channell and double through Tyre.

Tadgh Kelly – 95,000
Sean Tyre – 30,000
Thomas Channell – 0