In the second last matchup to finish today’s rounds, Victor Jesus Castanedo Gutierrez moved all-in from the button for fewer than ten blinds holding Jc 4d. Steve Arsmes insta-called with Qh Jd. The board was even worse news for Gutierrez, two aces, a queen, and a jack, they were drawing to a one out chop on the turn. The five of hearts put the icing on it.

“You’re the best player I’ve played by far,” Arsmes complimented Gutierrez, who turns out to be an online specialist in nearly this exact format.

That left Jonathan Wong and Kaspar Valk on a €1,209 bubble.

Wong held the 2 to 1 advantage, but shoved Kc 4c into Valk’s aces, to reverse the 2 to 1. Then but one hand later it was As 8s for Valk and Ac 5c for Wong. The board ran out Queen high and red and it was first-bumps and a bubble burst.

The final eight players will come back tomorrow at noon to play down to the winner.