House over House for OKearney

House over House for OKearney

The end of the following hand sparked some discussion over on table 97 just now, as a house-over-house situation didn’t escalate the way that Michael Mitrione would have predicted.

Preflop, Dara O’Kearney opened in early position to 1,500 (blinds 300/600). Mitrione made the call, as well as Chris O’Connor in the blinds.

On the flop of 5c 6h Kc, O’Connor checked and O’Kearney bet 1,000. Both his in and out of position opponents called.

The turn: 9h. Check to O’Kearney who fired 3,000. Mitrione called and O’Connor folded.

The river paired the board with the 5h. O’Kearney bet out 5,000 and found Mitrione now raising to 17,000. A lengthy thinking period followed, before O’Kearney finally threw in the calling chips.

O’Kearney: Ks Kd
Mitrione: 9d 9c

“Just call?” asked Mitrione, clearly surprised. “I would have called a jam for sure.”

“There are more hands [indistinct] eight-seven of hearts. Pocket fives.”

O’Kearney is up to 70,000 while Mitrione is still in the tournament, with 36,000.

By the by, here’s O’Kearney talking to Laura earlier about his side hustle as a bestselling author of instructional books about this glorious game – enjoy.