Hirle Eliminated in Prebubble Period

Hirle Eliminated in Prebubble Period

Down to four tables in the €250 Irish Open Seniors Championship, there has been quite a lot of moving and shaking at the top of the chip counts. Christoforos Chrysochoidis, who made the last Leaderwatch, has dropped to 75,000 after doubling up Gerard Finlay. Finlay moved all in on the cutoff for 50,000 (blinds 3,000/6,000) holding As Js and Chrysochoidis made the call in the big blind with the one pip lower (and unsuited) Ah Tc. The board gave Finlay a full house – Ad Jd 4d Jc 7s.

Pia Fransson

Elsewhere Ralf Hirle moved all in after a mid-position limp from Nigel Moran (for under 60,000). Bigger stacked Pia Fransson then moved in over the top from the small blind and got the pot heads up.

Fransson: Ac Qh
Hirle: 4c 4h

Fransson hit two pair straight away on the flop and Hirle did not improve.