Hennen Knocked Out by Kehoe

Hennen Knocked Out by Kehoe

Level 3: 200-400/400
Field: 48/55 Remaining

A preflop squeeze to 7,500 by Stephen Kehoe in the cutoff was called by Rutger Hennen in middle position and both checked the flop. On the turn, Hennen led for 10,400 and Kehoe called.

That led them to the river on which Hennen checked. Kehoe now fired a bet of 55,000, which covered the remaining 41,000 or so from Hennen. The Dutchman went deep in the tank and paid it off to get shown the for a set by Kehoe.

Hennen wanted to muck his cards but Kehoe motioned for it to be shown according to the all-in showdown rules, after which for the top pair was exposed.

Stephen Kehoe – 150,000
Rutger Hennen – Eliminated