Helppi – I Need Somebody

Helppi – I Need Somebody

Juha Helppi

Juha Helppi is one of the OG’s of poker, having been playing high stakes at the top level for some time. Even the best can run afoul of variance though…

Moments ago, siitting in the small blind, he three-bet an opening raise to 8k from Chis Cosmin in MP to 27k with what turned out to be pocket kings – .

Cosmin called.

The flop fell and Helppi fired out 20k. Again Cosmin called.

The turn was the and after a brief deliberation, Helppi bet all-in, enough to cover his opponent who had 62k behind. Snap call from Cosmin with for the second nut flush!

Drawing dead, Helppi began counting out the dent in his stack, left down to 65k whilst a slightly shaking Cosmin seemed very happy with his newly-augmented 226k stack…