Hedley doubles through Firaldo

Hedley doubles through Firaldo

Andrew Hedley has been holding on to the short stack for a bit of time now. He found his spot recently and went for it.

Niall Farrell opened the button to 16,000 and Hedley defended his big blind.

The flop came Qc 7c 5s — with 40,000 in the middle Hedley marshalled together about that from his stack and moved all-in.

Farrell had an easy call with the Kd Qs, but Hedley had the right kind of equity to crack it with 8c 4c.

The turn was the 9h dimming Hedley’s chances. But the 3c made him a flush.

Everyone at the table could see that, save the dealer, who tried to push the pot to Farrell twice. Etiquette abounds in high rollers though and Hedley didn’t have to be his own voice to get the pot pushed his way.

With the elimination of Gediminas Bartkus in 17th, we have combined to the final two tables and will stay that way through the bubble breaking.