Heads Up for Glory!

Heads Up for Glory!

The 6 max has reached heads-up with Leo Lombardozzi versus Johan Martin.

This came about due to a frantic spate of hands. First Michael Dwyer went out, losing out to Ali Alsaidy’s AQ vs his AK for most of his stack, (a nasty rivered queen ending his interest in the pot) before Alsaidy finished him off for his final 90,000 or so. (KQ V Q9). €3,375 headed Mr Dwyer’s way for his 5th place finish. “It’s been great fun” he said with a grin, once the disappointment of elimination had worn off.

Then Lombardozzi took control of the final table, winning a massive flip versus Alsaidy, as his queens held versus Alsaidy’s big slick for a 1.6 million pot. “I normally only play the world series,” Lombardozzi told us. “I just thought, why not? for this one!” It’s proving a profitable decision.

Alsaidy was down to dust and threw his final chips in, all the other players calling.

The board fell 6d 8c 3s – Ayub jamming his stack into the middle. Lombardozzi made the call with 4-5 for the open ended straight draw, and though Ayub had the edge with Qd 8h, the board ran out Ac 2h to complete Lombardozzi’s straight.

“Of course he was going to win once he called,” lamented Ayub as both he (3rd €6,745) and namesake Ali Alsaidy (4th €4,500) crashed out in the same hand.

That leaves Lombardozzi and Martin contending the €350 6-Max title!