Hashtag Coconuts

Hashtag Coconuts

JP Masters snapshot: 211/316 players remaining, one level left for late registration, blinds 500/1,000.

A pot of 9,000 had already brewed threeway on a flop of Kd 2d 4d. Small blind Will Kassouf checked, big blind Marc Foggin bet 3,000, player 3 folded and Kassouf started talking at Foggin.

“You turn your hand into a bluff? If I have 3,000 in change in my stack I call. Well, look at that! Merry Christmas; happy birthday; I call.”

The turn brought a fourth diamond in the form of the 7d. Kassouf checked and Foggin bet 6,000 (from a stack of around 20,000).

“Why are you bluffing?” asked Kassouf, as if that were a question that could be answered. “Is there just one ace of diamonds in the deck, dealer?” No reply forthcoming from either.

“Well, in the words of Will Kassouf,” said Will Kassouf, “If you got it, you got it!” He made the call and Foggin mucked immediately. Kassouf didn’t have to show his hand and scooped in the pot, his stack now around 72,000.

“Hashtag coconuts,” he added for the blog.