Harwood Doubles After Carr Mislicks

Harwood Doubles After Carr Mislicks

Level 13: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 102/599

The Hendon Mob Championship is getting closer to the bubble with several short stacks feeling the pressure. Poker commentator Jay Harwood found a chance to double and instead of potentially getting a walk, that is actually what happened.

Harwood open-jammed for 34,000 from middle position. Paul Carr, who was boasting a huge stack, was busy talking to his neighbors and didn’t notice his opponent’s jam when he went to complete from the small blind.

Carr then asked for the floor as he tossed a single chip to complete and didn’t intend to call his opponent. At least not initially.

The floor informed Carr correctly that he could still fold, but the 5,000 he already put in would be forfeited. Carr shrugged opting to call and it was a heads-up showdown after Ave Lepik folded in the big blind.

Jay Harwood:
Paul Carr:

Hardwood won with the same two pair with a better kicker to double his stack instead of soft-bubbling the event after the completed the board.

Paul Carr – 700,000
Jay Harwood – 78,000