Ganger’s Smoking

Ganger’s Smoking

Bert Stevens went to dinner with a big stack and we imagine high hopes, and both have only grown since he’s returned.

We caught him making a nibbly 4,200 bet on the river of a K-x-x-3-K board, called by Nikolai Mamut. Stevens showed down K-3 for a full house to scoop the pot.

“I’d hate for it to check on the river. Thought I’d try and get a lil extra,” Stevens explained with a giggle.

He’s now up close to 190,000 and is fast becoming a danger man. When he gets momentum he’s a tough player to stop, as he showed when he won the 2023 online WSOP Main Event for $2.78 million, the largest prize won online at the time.

We’ve linked to this before but it’s worth another mention. This is one of the most entertaining runs to a title you’ll ever see. Just watch!