Former Champ Ian Simpson Did Not Come Here to Fold

Former Champ Ian Simpson Did Not Come Here to Fold

…he came here to simultaneously read a book, check his phone, and play every pot*.

Simpson took down the 2013 Main Event for €265,000 (immediately – and we mean immediately – after which win he proposed to his now wife, cementing that particular victory in the annals of the tournament) and has been a regular at the festival ever since. Entering the RDS Serpentine Bulding (#3 for anyone still trying to get through the gates to the Main Hall) for the first time today, he seemed chipper, saying, “New venue, but same people, it’s going to be fine! It’s the Irish Open!”

It’s been fine for him at Table 11 so far today, as he’s increased his stack by a third already as Level 2 begins. Most of these chips came from a hand against Hugo Dempsey, in which check-call was the order of the day from the flop of 2c 7d 2d; the heads up pot stood at over 4,000. Simpson check-called a bet of 2,600 on the flop.

The turn: 9c.

Simpson checked quickly, and Dempsey bet 6,500 (a little less quickly). Simpson called.

The river: 2s.

The third deuce brought a check from both players, Dempsey announcing, “Ace high” and Simpson showing down Ac 9h for a full house, his inferior kicker having picked up help on the turn. Dempsey’s stack dropped to 27,500, still plenty for the 100/200 level we’re currently playing.

*Sample size: three observed hands