Early Fire and Disbelief in the High Roller

Early Fire and Disbelief in the High Roller

Some familiar faces have turned up so far, Marc Macdonnell, John Duthie, Niall Farrell, and Paul Newey. Max Silver has come out of a bit of retirement.

Blinds start at 100/200 with a 50,000 starting stack, so we’ll be unlikely to see too many knockouts today… well we say that now.

Daniel Tighe was recently noticed playing a very inflated pot in position against Sihao Zhang. On the turn the board read Jc 3d Td, with a Js on the turn. It looked like there was about 30,000 already in the middle, which would imply about 35,000 behind for each player, as we hadn’t been playing long at all.

Zhang checked the Ks river to Tighe, who after a bit of a think, let loose with an all-in wager. Fireworks were flying right off the bat. Zhang raised his hands multiple times, talking about how could he fold his hand?

It turns out he couldn’t, and for good reason, he called with Tc Ts for tens full of jacks. Tighe had 7d 9d for a busted flush draw and gutshot, having had to show it because the pot was all-in and call. Double starting stack for Zhang and the rail for Tighe.